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Covene MarketPlace FAQ

This FAQ covers Cisco Webex and additional items as we add them to the Covene MarketPlace. In case you’re curious what Cisco Webex is, it is the premier cloud platform hosting millions of meetings, attendees, and billions of minutes of conferencing. Webex Meeting Center is part of the enterprise licensing offer from Covene, among other products, that create the interoperable ecosystem of solutions for working together remotely. Pairing Cisco’s collaboration products with Webex enables new ways to work, team cohesiveness, and your success in this highly connected world.

Why purchase Webex enterprise licensing from Covene?2018-06-30T18:11:01+00:00

Covene is the first and (currently only) partner that is accepting and processing electronic orders for Cisco Webex enterprise licenses. We recognize many customers wish to acquire the licenses they need, with the convenience of shopping online.

Webex does not sell enterprise licenses through the retail website, requiring customers to meet with a sales team before purchasing. Covene has been authorized to sell enterprise licenses directly to all United States business customers, via the monthly and annual subscription methods previously available only to direct Cisco Webex customers. Now your business can sign-up for Cisco Webex enterprise licenses, purchase using a credit card, and begin using your Webex services  after the provisioning and branding is completed, which is typically one business day.

If you do wish to speak with a Webex expert at Covene about custom needs, or to simply discuss the service, you can book a meeting with us!

Why is Webex offering enterprise licensing through Covene?2018-06-30T18:27:07+00:00

Going forward, Cisco is offering new consumption models that are sold by Covene. Covene is making it easy for companies that want to buy their licenses online and will have your site provisioned, branded, and logos added, all within one business day!

In addition to our expeditious order processing, by working directly with Covene you can leverage benefits such as advanced adoption services, unlimited telephone audio plans, and new tools for scheduling, starting, and using your Webex Meetings subscription which are now included for free.

What other Webex or Cisco services are changing?2018-06-30T18:13:09+00:00

Cisco Spark is now rebranded and unified within the Cisco Webex family as Webex Teams. Flexibility extends beyond the four walls of our offices, and we need tools that enable us to work wherever our day takes us. Webex Teams enables colleagues such as contract workers, sales teammates, freelancers, or work from home employees to connect digitally to the workplace and collaborate real time with their team no matter the location, time zone or continent.

If I am a direct Webex Customer, do I need to migrate by a certain time?2018-06-30T18:10:15+00:00

We are encouraging all customers to take advantage of the cost savings and features as soon as possible. Because there is no impact to your business meetings or loss of money you have prepaid for a subscription, the only consideration is selecting a company like Covene to be your new Webex partner.

What are the key new Webex features I’ll be able to use?2018-06-30T18:19:28+00:00

Enterprise Webex Features (June, 2018)


You will be able to brand the Webex site with your colors, logo, and company URLs to represent your corporate image. Most customers utilize their company domain, for example “Covene” such as as their corporate Webex site name. This branding feature is new for most direct customers of Webex that switch to the enterprise platform through Covene.

Audio Packages

Many existing Webex customers are using the VoIP-only service, or a per-minute plan for audio call-in. Covene resells the most popular enterprise audio package “Toll Named User Plus” in all of our plans. This audio plan allows for unlimited dial-in on a US-phone number and includes the most popular feature – Call-back – which enables Webex to call the audio participant on their desk phone or cell phone, automatically!

There are other audio plan options available to enterprise customers who wish to leverage International calling, or perhaps do not wish to use the very popular Call-back feature.

Calendar Connector

This feature allows you to use the new “@Webex” tag in your meeting invitations instead of using Productivity Tools. When you create a meeting invitation in your mail client, iOS or Android device, you can simply add @Webex to the location field of the meeting invite. Covene will help you setup the items you need to support this free feature so you can begin using the platform right away!

Meeting Center supports up to 1000 participants

If your needs include large webinars or events, you’ll be pleased to know the Meeting Center platform will now include up to 1000 participants per meeting for your meetings! Participants are broken out as:

  • Up to 75 Video Endpoints (room system-type endpoints)
  • Up to 500 additional Webex Meetings video participants
  • Up to 1,000 additional Cisco Webex Audio-only participants

Note, there are many, many more features! These are just a few of the ones we can include here.

What is the pricing difference between direct and enterprise licensing?2018-06-30T18:21:22+00:00

Corporate customers will recognize a cost savings from working directly with a Cisco partner, like Covene.

Will my meetings look different?2018-06-30T18:22:44+00:00

Your meeting experience will not change, but you will have the ability to brand your meeting portal and use the Webex Teams meeting platform.

Will I still be able to use Productivity Tools?2018-06-30T18:24:14+00:00

Yes, and now Productivity Tools is consolidated into the Webex Desktop app so you do not need to install both applications. You can now access your calendar, create invitations, and start meetings from within the Webex Desktop app!

What about the other centers: Event Center, Support Center, Training Center?2018-06-30T18:24:38+00:00

For orders that reach the minimum user threshold, you can include the Event Center, Support center, and Training Center services to your subscription. The minimum user threshold is presently 25 users.

Who is Covene?2018-06-30T18:41:36+00:00

Covene is a certified Cisco collaboration partner, in business since 2012. Our corporate headquarters is in downtown St. Louis, with sales covering the United States. Our services include offerings in collaboration, networking, and security solutions from Cisco and supporting manufacturers. We are singularly focused on delivering successful projects for commercial, mid-market, and SMB customers.

If I want to speak to a rep, who do I call?2018-06-30T18:35:58+00:00

Want to speak to a human? We understand that not every need is addressed by the offerings available on the Covene MarketPlace. We’re happy to meet with you using Webex, or in person. Feel free to reach us and schedule a meeting at a time that’s convenient for you via our online scheduling system.

Remember, if you’re wishing to purchase more than 40 Webex accounts we should have a quick call! There are different licensing models that may immediately save you money.

Who do I call for support with Webex?2018-06-30T18:46:47+00:00

Cisco Webex subscriptions include support! To reach the Cisco Collaboration Help team, begin with a visit to their website: where you can find training videos, support articles, and documentation on features. You can also open a case through the site, call a technician for assistance with hosting a meeting or administering your site.

Every Covene customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Your Covene Customer Success Manager is your primary point of contact for subscription management questions, on-boarding and adoption services, and reporting touch points. Please let your CSM know when you open a case with Cisco so we can track the case with you!